Delighted to attend and speak at events organised to save Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Save Our NHS, I have been doing so for many years.

We need to all work together locally and nationally to protect our A&E and hospital services.
The Campaign is fighting to save Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, its 400 beds, its Emergency Care Unit and its Acute Services. Greater Huddersfield is a population area of 250,000 people.

The local CCGs and the NHS Foundation Trust (CHFT) are actively pursuing plans which threaten to demolish the existing 400-bed hospital, sell the land owned by the hospital and build a 64-bed day clinic across the road on rented land – and without a full A&E.

The NHS and social care services are in a state of crisis. The Conservatives have left them chronically under-funded, and staff embattled and undervalued, while need continues to grow and patient care suffers.
Liberal Democrats recognise that Britain’s health and social care services are our most treasured national institutions and will fight to protect our Hospital and NHS.



A CCTV camera is now installed in Lindley, any decision about where to position the new CCTV will be based on local intelligence.
Cllr Cahal Burke and Cllr Richard Eastwood secured funding which will allow the portable CCTV camera to be moved up to 12 times over the next five years, focusing on hot spots across the ward.
Kirklees councillor Cahal Burke (Lib Dem, Lindley) believes that the new camera could prove to be effective in deterring crime in the area and will help to trace culprits.
He has worked closely with local residents as well as local neighbourhood police and agencies in relation to crime issues in the area, and hopes the camera will help people to feel safer.
He recently asked local residents about their experiences of crime as part of a survey, in order to get a clearer picture about local issues of crime and anti-social behaviour.
Cllr Burke:
“There were requests from many residents about installing a new CCTV camera, so I’m glad that their voices have been heard and there is positive and definitive action.
“There have also been regular community events organised in the area, and I would like to praise the local police for their efforts and commitment to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.
“Tackling crime is often complex and requires a strategic, co-ordinated approach, with the police, local agencies and residents working together.
“It’s vital for residents and the community to have a say and share their views and experiences of crime, and I’ll continue to listen to concerns and discuss options and possible solutions.
“Lindley is a safe place to live, work and visit, but working together will be absolutely essential in making Lindley even safer”


A Speed Indicator Device (SID), which warns drivers to slow down, has recently been fitted on Moorlands Road, in Mount.

The device, which was previously funded by the Council’s Huddersfield Area Committee, is portable, and has been moved around different areas of Lindley, including Laund Road (Salendine Nook), Crosland Road (Oakes) and more recently, Thornhill Avenue.

The SID at Moorlands Road has been installed temporarily, while Lindley Moor Road has been identified as a possible location for future installation.

A SID is a vehicle-activated electronic sign which detects and displays real-time vehicle speeds. They are often placed near sites where the speed limit changes, at sites on relatively straight roads and at sites with high collision rates and known speeding problems.

Moorlands Road was previously a 30mph zone, although the existing 20mph speed limit came in to force in September 2013, following a campaign by parents, local school staff and residents to reduce the speed. As part of the scheme, pupils from Moorlands Primary School produced 20mph signs, which were situated along the length of the road.

A ‘Park and Stride’ scheme was also set up a number of years ago, to reduce the amount of traffic on Moorlands Road at peak times, preventing cars stopping on the entrance marking outside the school and encouraging parents to park up a little distance away and make the remainder of the journey by foot.

There are traffic calming measures in place along the road, including flat-top speed humps.

Councillor Cahal Burke (Lib Dems, Lindley), who has helped to secure funding for a number of traffic calming and speed reduction schemes in Lindley, including the 20mph speed limit on Moorlands Road, is confident that the SID will be helpful in reminding otherwise safe and considerate drivers to slow down.

Cllr Burke said:

“The SIDs can be really useful in promoting speed awareness and they can be effective in changing drivers’ speeding behaviour and reducing speeding.

The SID has helped to promote safe driving in Lindley, and I’m happy that it has now been installed at Moorlands Road. I’m also hopeful that this will improve road safety further outside Moorlands Primary School, and this is the latest in a number of initiates we have delivered outside the school in recent years.

I am committed to working with residents and partners to make our roads safer.”

Lindley residents who are concerned about speeding can contact Cllr Burke at: Cahal.Burke@Kirklees.Gov.UK. Councillor Burke and Eastwood also hold surgeries on the second Saturday of each month at Lindley Library between 9.30am and 10.30am and Salendine Nook Shopping Centre, between 11am and 12pm.


Lindley Liberal Democrat councillors have demanded a solution to the long-standing issue of flooding at Heatherleigh Recreation Ground.

The site at Lindley Moor, which includes playing fields, has experienced significant flooding issues in recent years, with some locals blaming the flooding on development at an adjacent site.

The lower half of the playing fields is often flooded, and some residents and users have blamed the adjoining 65,000sq ft warehouse and office development, known as Summit 24 Business Park, which was built earlier this year on land fronting Lindley Moor Road.

The flooding on the playing fields has resulted in the pitches being unable to be used at times. Amateur rugby league club, Lindley Swift, who lease the fields from Kirklees Council, have said that they will have to concede fixtures if the players are unable to train there.

Local residents have contacted local councillors, including Cllr Richard Eastwood and Cllr Cahal Burke, to voice their concern as well.

While there have been issues of flooding in the past, in large part because the land is clay, many locals argue that the flooding has been more of a problem in recent years, with the nearby developments exacerbating the problem.

In tackling the problem, one suggestion is that a bund could be formed on the perimeter of the site, to act as a flood barrier, and to alleviate water run-off into the fields.

Lindley councillor Cahal Burke said:

“We need action and a solution to this as soon as possible, because flooding continues to be a concern for local residents and users of Heatherleigh Recreation Ground.

It’s difficult to know exactly why the flooding has got worse in recent years. There needs to be work done urgently to ascertain whether the flooding is linked to the nearby developments, or whether there are other causes.

I will continue to liaise with council officers, and also listen to local residents and users. In developing a solution, I would also welcome input from the local developers. I hope that we can identify money to carry out some assessments at the site sooner rather than later.”

Cllr Richard Eastwood and Cllr Cahal Burke


Lindley Liberal Democrat councillor Cahal Burke, chairman of Lindley Community Group

Lindley Liberal Democrat councillor Cahal Burke, chairman of Lindley Community Group

Lindley Community Group has taken on responsibility for one of Huddersfield’s best-loved landmarks, Lindley Clock Tower.

Situated on the corner of Lidget Street and Daisy Lea Lane the tower was previously owned by Kirklees Council, but has now been leased to the Lindley Community Group.

As part of the lease agreement the group will pay the running costs, including the utility bills and insurance. It will initially manage the 83ft tall clock tower on a 12-month contract.

Trustees at the group hope to open up the tower to the public, and are encouraging donations to help meet the running costs.

Any profits from the donations will be used to support future Lindley events, including Lindley Carnival and Lindley 10k.

The tower has previously been open to the public only once a year as part of the Heritage Open Days, a festival which takes place in September and which celebrates England’s architecture and culture through tours, events and activities and allows visitors free access to historic properties.

However, the tower has not been open to the public in recent years, and the trustees hope the agreement will allow them to provide escorted tours to visitors in the future.

The group intends to make an announcement soon about when the tower will be open to the public during the course of the year. It also plans to speak to contact local schools with a view to arranging school visits.

The first Lindley Clock Tower open day will take place on Saturday, October 21, between noon and 4pm.

The opening event will coincide with Lindley Library Open Day, organised by Lindley Library Community Group with the aim of ensuring the library doors remain open.

The open day will offer a variety of crafts and stalls, and will take place at Lindley Library between 10am and 2pm. It will also coincide with Lindley Apple Day, a family fun day dedicated to apples, including apple bobbing, an apple hunt and an apple pie competition. This event will also take place 10am and 2pm.

Lindley Liberal Democrat councillor Cahal Burke, chairman of Lindley Community Group, collected the keys for Lindley Clock Tower on Friday.

He said: “This is really positive news for Lindley. I’ve been contacted by many residents about opening up the clock tower to the public again, and this lease agreement will provide us with the opportunity to do that.”


Cllr Cahal Burke

Fantastic community effort today clearing the path that connects Goldington Avenue to Hill Top Drive with the ‘Helping Hands’ team from Huddersfield Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Mormon Helping Hands program brings together members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their neighbours to provide community service.


Cllr Cahal Burke supports the introduction of safe standing at football grounds

I support The Huddersfield Town Supporters Association and Cowshed Loyal (formerly NSL) who have teamed up with the Football Supporters’ Federation to bring safe standing to the John Smith’s Stadium.
When clubs and fans are in favour of safe standing and it can be done safely, then the Government shouldn’t get in the way.

Top flight and Championship stadiums have to be all-seater after terraces were outlawed in the aftermath of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster when 96 Liverpool fans died during the FA Cup semi-final with Nottingham Forest at Sheffield Wednesday’s ground.

But there is widespread support among fans who say standing creates a better atmosphere with 90% saying they want the choice to sit or to stand.

I and the Liberal Democrats back ‘rail seating’ as used by European clubs which means they can offer standing or sitting as needed.

Celtic have a rail seat area and the authorities in Scotland know it can be done safely – why shouldn’t clubs in England and Wales be allowed identical safe standing facilities?

The introduction of safe standing at football grounds would guarantee fans a better atmosphere and cheaper tickets.


 Instaplanta (Yorkshire) Ltd are working with Kirklees Council

Instaplanta (Yorkshire) Ltd are working with Kirklees Council

Delighted that Instaplanta (Yorkshire) Ltd are working with Kirklees Council bringing planter boxes to our area which will brighten up Lindley and surrounding areas.

Instaplanta have also been very supportive of Lindley Community Group by promoting the volunteer group in the Lindley area.

Instaplanta are a Yorkshire based company who believe in the power of horticulture. The use of plants and plant-related activities to promote the aesthetical appeal of an area, improve the education or the health and wellness of an individual or group is what drives the company.

Instaplanta provide a number of new and unique products to the education, healthcare and local authority markets which allow their stakeholders the opportunity to access the many benefits that horticulture brings.




Enjoying day four of the fabulous Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival.

Once again amazing atmosphere, entertainment, food and drink. Great to see so many local traders including Udders Orchard Cider Company from Lindley.

Well done to the organisers Huddersfield Live for keeping this event going.




Delighted to be asked by Lindley Bowling Club to present trophies and medals at the Junior School Bowling competition between Lindley Junior School and Moorlands Primary School.

Great to see everyone take part and enjoy the competition.

Thank you to the schools for taking part and Lindley Bowling Club for organising.