On 5 July 2022, the NHS will mark 74 years of service. This milestone will present us with opportunities to showcase how the NHS has innovated and adapted to meet the changing needs of each successive generation.

We can all play a role in supporting the NHS in this birthday year, by volunteering, raising money for a local NHS charity, or by taking steps to look after our own health and using services wisely. To sign up to host your own NHS Big Tea event and receive a fundraising support pack, please visit www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk

In 1942 Liberal William Beveridge produced a report, the Beveridge Report, which identified five evil giants – want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness. In identifying disease as a barrier to progress, he proposed a free national health service.

In 1946, the new government passed the National Health Service Act.

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Myself and Cllr Anthony Smith have been working with Highways to deal with a number of local parking issues over the last few month and years.

We now have proposals for a number of local roads including Plover Road, Plover Mills, Oakes Road & Wellington Street. plan showing various new lengths of double yellow lines and a section of single yellow line.

These are proposals to address the issues on the following Roads that have been reported to us:

• Plover Road – Visibility issues exiting Equilibrium on to Plover Road, including vehicles sometime parking right on top of the junction corners.

• Plover Mills – complaints about cars parking on Plover Mill close to the junction with Plover Road.

• Oakes Road – Various extensions and new lengths of restrictions between New Hey Road and School Street West – this is in main to aid the passing of large lorries that periodically need access to the local mill and have often struggled due to inappropriate parking.

• Plover Rd – between Wellington St and New Hey Road – changes to again improve route for HGVs leaving the area.

• School St West junction with Oakes Rd and Plover Rd – extension to existing double yellow lines to help with turning manoeuvres for lorries, including extending to the west of the entrance to Woollen Spinners site.

• Wellington St/junction with Oakes Rd – double yellow lines from corner up to start of permit parking bay to prevent parking across dropped kerb crossing points.

There will be a full consultation and residents will be able to comment on the proposals. Please contact us if there are any other Road or Highways issues.

Cllr Cahal Burke: cahal.burke@kirklees.gov.uk

Cllr Anthony Smith: anthony.smith@kirklees.gov.uk

We have reported a number of other roads in the ward as reported to us following complaints from residents.


Cahal Burke your local choice!

Following our extensive canvassing and research we know now that this election is on a knife edge and too close to call so every single vote will count!

I know from meeting residents that many Labour and Green voters are supporting me to win this time to beat the unknown Conservative candidate. We all know the Conservatives only appear at election time and promise everything but always fail to deliver.

I live in the heart of the LINDLEY ward, and I work hard to make our area CLEANER with regular litter picks, I have setup and supported litter picking groups.

I and the Liberal Democrat team are working hard make our area GREENER with EV charging points, Air Quality Monitors, promoting Active Travel, Anti-idling & Better Recycling campaigns.

I work hard to make our area SAFER by working closely with the Neighbourhood Policing Team, Community Safety to tackle ASB and supporting Community Groups.

I work hard and keep in touch all year round, fighting for Cleaner, Greener, Safer Communities and always putting people before politics.

Only the Lib Dems can beat the Conservatives here, Labour always come in a distant third. The Greens barely register here.

Don’t let the Tories take you for granted. Let’s send them a message that they can’t ignore.

Vote Cahal Burke – Lib Dem on May 5th.

Cllr. Cahal Burke

Councillor Cahal Burke creating Cleaner, Greener, Safer Communities:
Birchencliffe, Birkby, Lindley, Marsh, Mount, Oakes, Quarmby, Salendine Nook

The Council election this May will be so close.

What do you think people need from their local councillor? Is it someone who will be a strong voice in the Town Hall? Is it someone who will listen to local people and understand their concerns? Is it someone who loves living here and wants to make our area the best it can be?

To me, these are some of the most important things a local councillor can do. Your voice matters, and I want to make sure it won’t be ignored.

I listen to, and work with, local people to make a difference. For too long, the Conservatives have taken you for granted. They have become involved in sleaze scandals, the Tories partied while people died, let developers build on our precious green spaces, and ignored traffic problems which blight our neighbourhoods. An now the Tory cost of living crisis…

This year’s election will be so close between myself and the unknown Conservative candidate, so every vote will count.

Don’t let the Tories take you for granted. Let’s send them a message that they can’t ignore. Vote Cahal Burke – Lib Dem on May 5th.

Cllr Cahal Burke
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Lindley Ward

PS Only the Lib Dems can beat the Conservatives in our area.

Labour are in a distant third & the Greens barely register.

Vote Cahal Burke – Lib Dem – to make a real difference in our area for everyone.


6,967 Children are trapped in poverty – That’s 32% of children in our constituency (Colne Valley).As a member of the National Education Union I’m proud to support the campaign demanding the Government take action to urgently deliver:

– Expanded eligibility for free school meals for every child on Universal Credit

– Free school meals expanded year-round to end holiday hunger

– Affordable school uniforms

– Free Wi-Fi access for disadvantaged pupils so everyone can learn from home

– A dedicated tech budget for schools to combat the digital divide

Join the thousands of people demanding urgent action from the Government to eradicate child poverty across the UK, so that no child is left behind.https://nochildleftbehind.org.uk/join