Following our campaign working with the council, local groups and residents Cllr Anthony Smith and I are delighted that the council have listened to our concerns regarding Occupation Road, Thornhill Road and Syringa Street.

They recognised our concern about making Occupation Road one way, the removal of uncontrolled parking on Thornhill Road and the high volume of traffic on Syringa Street making it potentially
unsafe as a mixed-use route (where cyclists and vehicles share the carriageway).

As a result, when a funding stream is identified, the council believe it will be possible to ensure new proposals:

• Maintain the 2-way system on Occupation Road
• Will not remove uncontrolled parking on Thornhill Road
• Will not propose a mixed-use route on Syringa Street
• Will review our existing alignment on Syringa Street and Thornhill Road

The project is now on hold and when funding streams are identified residents will be updated and a consultation will begin on the new proposals.

Thank you to all those who have campaigned so hard! Working together we can achieve so much.

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