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8 thoughts on “Get involved

  1. David Morley says:

    Hi Cahal, Could you please have a word with the Greenhead ward councillors regarding the condition of Halifax Old Road between Spaines road and Bradford road. It really is in a very poor state so much so that cars are swerving all over the road trying to avoid the potholes and cars parked around the King Cliffe Road area.This road is not one that anybody could want to drive down on a regular basis.The only areas that have not got any defects are the speed humps! Please urge them to treat this as a priority matter before serious damage to vehicles and possibly pedestrians. Thanking you in advance, David Morley

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi mr Burke I’m in lindley could you please see what’s going on with business grant I’ve had nothing yet

  3. Mark Wood says:

    Hi Mr Burke,

    I live in one of the cul de sacs just off Kirkwood Drive. We have noticed a rise in more motorists using it as a rat run. Some speeds seen are crazy given this is a residential area, and the area we live sees a large percentage of drivers using the wrong side of the road.
    Today a car failed to negotiate the corner & came to rest some 15 to 20 feet from the road in a neighbours garden. Admittedly this was due to compacted snow, but could have resulted in serious injury if a pedestrian had been involved.
    I’d like you to take a look at the problems yourself & see what can be done.
    Regards, Mark Wood.

  4. Patricia Campbell says:

    Dear Cllr Cahal Burke
    I am a resident of the new estate off Crosland Road (Harron Homes). I have been here for 3 years and am having difficulty finding out why our internal roads and pavements have not been completed despite the building been finished almost a year ago. I get no information from Harron Homes or from Kirklees Council. Harron says there is a problem with Kirklees and vice versa. There does not seem to be similar problems with the Taylor Wimpey sites on either side of us as they have completed all their internal roads. Is there anything you can do to find out what the problem is and to force Harron to finish the site. The roads are full of potholes. The pavements similar. The kerbs falling apart in places. And the drains blocked
    Thank you
    Patricia Campbell
    20 Crosland Fold
    HD3 3WR

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