Myself and Cllr Anthony Smith have been working with Highways to deal with a number of local parking issues over the last few month and years.

We now have proposals for a number of local roads including Plover Road, Plover Mills, Oakes Road & Wellington Street. plan showing various new lengths of double yellow lines and a section of single yellow line.

These are proposals to address the issues on the following Roads that have been reported to us:

• Plover Road – Visibility issues exiting Equilibrium on to Plover Road, including vehicles sometime parking right on top of the junction corners.

• Plover Mills – complaints about cars parking on Plover Mill close to the junction with Plover Road.

• Oakes Road – Various extensions and new lengths of restrictions between New Hey Road and School Street West – this is in main to aid the passing of large lorries that periodically need access to the local mill and have often struggled due to inappropriate parking.

• Plover Rd – between Wellington St and New Hey Road – changes to again improve route for HGVs leaving the area.

• School St West junction with Oakes Rd and Plover Rd – extension to existing double yellow lines to help with turning manoeuvres for lorries, including extending to the west of the entrance to Woollen Spinners site.

• Wellington St/junction with Oakes Rd – double yellow lines from corner up to start of permit parking bay to prevent parking across dropped kerb crossing points.

There will be a full consultation and residents will be able to comment on the proposals. Please contact us if there are any other Road or Highways issues.

Cllr Cahal Burke: cahal.burke@kirklees.gov.uk

Cllr Anthony Smith: anthony.smith@kirklees.gov.uk

We have reported a number of other roads in the ward as reported to us following complaints from residents.

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