Lindley Liberal Democrat Councillors creating and cleaner and greener Lindley for everyone

Following the installation of Air Quality monitoring devices in the Lindley Ward the construction of a charge point for electric vehicles is taking place.

We want to create a cleaner and greener Lindley Ward.

We need to develop a comprehensive network of electric vehicle charge points that both responds to existing demand for EV infrastructure and provides for and accelerates the uptake of cleaner vehicles in the future.

We are committed to reducing and mitigating the impact of transport-based emissions in our area.

Electric vehicles produce no exhaust emissions and are therefore beneficial, compared to typical petrol/diesel vehicles, in terms of improving air quality. The distance that electric vehicles can travel is increasing due to improvements in battery technology.

The EVCPs will be ‘Rapid’ i.e. 50KW which deliver the most power to vehicles to charge EVs up to 80% charge in a short time, compared to home based charge points.


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