Cllr. Cahal Burke

Councillor Cahal Burke creating Cleaner, Greener, Safer Communities:
Birchencliffe, Birkby, Lindley, Marsh, Mount, Oakes, Quarmby, Salendine Nook

The Council election this May will be so close.

What do you think people need from their local councillor? Is it someone who will be a strong voice in the Town Hall? Is it someone who will listen to local people and understand their concerns? Is it someone who loves living here and wants to make our area the best it can be?

To me, these are some of the most important things a local councillor can do. Your voice matters, and I want to make sure it won’t be ignored.

I listen to, and work with, local people to make a difference. For too long, the Conservatives have taken you for granted. They have become involved in sleaze scandals, the Tories partied while people died, let developers build on our precious green spaces, and ignored traffic problems which blight our neighbourhoods. An now the Tory cost of living crisis…

This year’s election will be so close between myself and the unknown Conservative candidate, so every vote will count.

Don’t let the Tories take you for granted. Let’s send them a message that they can’t ignore. Vote Cahal Burke – Lib Dem on May 5th.

Cllr Cahal Burke
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Lindley Ward

PS Only the Lib Dems can beat the Conservatives in our area.

Labour are in a distant third & the Greens barely register.

Vote Cahal Burke – Lib Dem – to make a real difference in our area for everyone.

2 thoughts on “Cllr. Cahal Burke

  1. Lynda Wade says:

    Hi Cahal
    Just have a couple of queries which I hope you can answer regarding the TaylorWimpey/Harron
    estate off Crosland Road.
    Firstly, the (only) entrance road to the estate on the Harron homes side has not been surfaced and is in a poor state which will only worsen once the bad weather arrives as it did last year. Could you possibly find out why, and if there is a completion date?
    Also wondering who owns the land between the boundary fencing at the TW side and Mac trucks?
    Many thanks
    Lynda Wade

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