The response from our communities so far has been inspirational. Thank you to everyone who has done something to help others – either by forming mutual aid groups or by choosing to be the best neighbours we can be. We are with you. We’re working alongside citizens and local organisations to support the most vulnerable people in our local places, and we know that your incredible community spirit is essential. For this reason, we are asking everybody – organisations, individuals, businesses and groups – to let us know what support is available. Your offers will then be paired with others who are requesting help.

There are many many things which you could help with during this time, including everything from deciding to do your bit for the neighbours you already know on your street, right through to using relevant skills, training and qualifications which you already have to bolster the social care system and help the most vulnerable.

If you are at low risk from Covid-19 (after checking the symptoms and NHS guidelines) and feel like you would like to volunteer, please continue and fill in the form below.

If you have a more complicated offer of support you can phone the Community Response helpline (which has been set up by Kirklees Council) specifically for the purpose of supporting the Covid-19 crisis. This number is 01484 226919. Due to the high volume of calls please use this form in the first instance if you can.

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