A Speed Indicator Device (SID), which warns drivers to slow down, has recently been fitted on Moorlands Road, in Mount.

The device, which was previously funded by the Council’s Huddersfield Area Committee, is portable, and has been moved around different areas of Lindley, including Laund Road (Salendine Nook), Crosland Road (Oakes) and more recently, Thornhill Avenue.

The SID at Moorlands Road has been installed temporarily, while Lindley Moor Road has been identified as a possible location for future installation.

A SID is a vehicle-activated electronic sign which detects and displays real-time vehicle speeds. They are often placed near sites where the speed limit changes, at sites on relatively straight roads and at sites with high collision rates and known speeding problems.

Moorlands Road was previously a 30mph zone, although the existing 20mph speed limit came in to force in September 2013, following a campaign by parents, local school staff and residents to reduce the speed. As part of the scheme, pupils from Moorlands Primary School produced 20mph signs, which were situated along the length of the road.

A ‘Park and Stride’ scheme was also set up a number of years ago, to reduce the amount of traffic on Moorlands Road at peak times, preventing cars stopping on the entrance marking outside the school and encouraging parents to park up a little distance away and make the remainder of the journey by foot.

There are traffic calming measures in place along the road, including flat-top speed humps.

Councillor Cahal Burke (Lib Dems, Lindley), who has helped to secure funding for a number of traffic calming and speed reduction schemes in Lindley, including the 20mph speed limit on Moorlands Road, is confident that the SID will be helpful in reminding otherwise safe and considerate drivers to slow down.

Cllr Burke said:

“The SIDs can be really useful in promoting speed awareness and they can be effective in changing drivers’ speeding behaviour and reducing speeding.

The SID has helped to promote safe driving in Lindley, and I’m happy that it has now been installed at Moorlands Road. I’m also hopeful that this will improve road safety further outside Moorlands Primary School, and this is the latest in a number of initiates we have delivered outside the school in recent years.

I am committed to working with residents and partners to make our roads safer.”

Lindley residents who are concerned about speeding can contact Cllr Burke at: Cahal.Burke@Kirklees.Gov.UK. Councillor Burke and Eastwood also hold surgeries on the second Saturday of each month at Lindley Library between 9.30am and 10.30am and Salendine Nook Shopping Centre, between 11am and 12pm.

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