2017 Lindley Calendar

2017 Lindley Calendar

A new 2017 Lindley Calendar is now on sale, with funds raised helping Lindley Library to run events for next year.

The calendar was produced by Lindley Library Community Group , a community organisation set up last year to ensure the Library stays open in the face of council budget cuts, as well as helping to enhance and widen the use of the Library.

The calendar contains photos from 1904 to 1967 of various parts of Lindley and the surrounding area, including an early photo of Salendine Nook, near Sainsbury’s, a photo of a tank on Lindley Moor, a photo of a tram crash at the bottom of Holly Bank Road and a photo of Lindley Clock Tower before the advent of a number of housing developments.

The photos for the calendar were provided by Lindley History Research Group.

Sean McCabe, Chair of Lindley Library Community Group, said:

“The pictures illustrate how the area served by Lindley Library has changed over the last 100 years or so. The money raised from the sales of the calendar will enable us to run events in the Library for young and old over the next 12 months.”

Cllr Cahal Burke, who supports and helped to set up Lindley Library Community Group, said: “Lindley has changed enormously over the years and is constantly changing with the new housing developments, so this calendar provides a fascinating glimpse into Lindley’s past.

The calendar will also help to promote Lindley Library and ensure that events continue to benefit the whole community.”


Merry Christmas from your local councillors Burke & Eastwood

Merry Christmas from your local councillors Burke & Eastwood

Cllr Cahal Burke and Cllr Richard Eastwood wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy & peaceful 2017.

In an effort to better represent the needs and interests of all residents, we hold a residents advice surgery with on the second Saturday of each month. No appointment necessary, just come along.

9:30am – 10:30am
(Lindley Library)


11am – 12pm
(Salendine Nook Shopping Centre with the Neighbourhood Policing Team)

If you are unable to attend please contact me using the details below.





Cllr Burke and Eastwood campaigning the overdevelopment in our area

Cllr Burke and Eastwood campaigning the overdevelopment in our area




As your ward councillors Cllr Cahal Burke and Cllr Richard Eastwood we are concerned about the sites being identified for potential development in the Local Plan. While we recognise the need for additional housing across Kirklees, we believe that a significant number of housing developments have already taken place in Lindley in recent years.

We also believe that the sites are inappropriate for housing development because of a lack of access, as well as the negative impact that the additional vehicles will have on the local roads. In addition to the impact that additional housing will have on the local infrastructure, we are concerned that the proposals would also result in a loss of green space. For all these reasons, we believe that the sites should be excluded from the Local Plan.

If you wish to comment on the proposals, you must respond directly to the Council by Monday 19th December 2016.

In November 2015, Kirklees Council consulted residents on a draft Local Plan, and over 17,000 responded to his consultation. Following this, the Local Plan has been revised, with new sites identified and some sites removed. The Council is now consulting on the revised Local Plan. The consultation deadline to this revised plan is the 19th December 2016.

Once the consultation has finished, the Council will submit the finalised Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate, together with all the comments it has received from the consultation. This is likely to be some time in Spring 2017. The Planning Inspectorate will then set a date for public examination of the Local Plan. Although this date is not currently known, it is expected to be later in 2017.

Further information about the Local Plan, including details about this site, can be found on the Kirklees Council website at: https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/planning-policy/pdf/local-plan-consultation-summary-leaflet.pdf

You can comment online at: http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/…/planning-policy/local-plan.aspx (click on the ‘Read and comment online on the Local Plan’ link which is in the ‘Get Involved’ section).

Alternatively, you can download, print and post a comments form, which is also available on the Council website at the same website address as above (click on the ‘Guidance notes and comments form’ link in the ‘Get Involved’ section). The post address is provided at the top of the form. It is also possible to scan the form and send electronically to the email address: local.development@kirklees.gov.uk


Conservatives to cut school budgets

Conservatives to cut school budgets

The government’s long-awaited national funding formula, due to the introduced in April 2018, was set up to distribute funds more evenly across the country, ensuring that the funding allocated to schools matches its need.

However, the proposed changes will mean that the funding each pupil attracts to the school will be determined nationally, and there are concerns that there will be no new money available and that many schools will be worse off.

A new interactive map has now been created by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), which predicts how schools across the country will be affected in real terms, with an estimated 92% of schools potentially losing out over the next 4 years.

The NUT and ATL argue that unless additional school funding is allocated, there will be widespread cuts to school budgets, alongside cuts to funding per pupil and cost increases.

The real-term school cuts may also be needed to cover rises in pension, pay and national insurance contributions.

In schools across Kirklees, the estimated reduction in real terms by 2020 is minus £30,433,511. The average amount that would be lost for every pupil in Kirklees, as a result of the reduced budget, is estimated at minus £518 per pupil and the estimated equivalent number of teachers that would be lost is 817.

Potentially, schools in Lindley will be hit by the funding changes, and in real terms, this will mean that schools will lose huge amounts of money. Lindley Junior School and Salendine Nook High School Academy could both experience 5% budget cuts, with 8% cuts to Moorlands Primary School, 11% cuts to Reinwood Infant & Nursery School and 12% cuts to Lindley CE Infants School.

By 2020, Lindley CE Infants School may see an annual budget change of minus £149,062, with minus £414 potentially lost for every pupil as a result of the reduced budget and the equivalent of 4 teaching posts lost.

Lindley Lib Dem Councillor Cahal Burke, said:

“I’m really concerned that schools across Lindley ward and across Kirklees will be forced to make massive funding cuts by the Conservative government. It could mean schools are forced to increase their class sizes and cut resources and staff.

Many schools will be under enormous pressure, and it could disproportionately affect smaller, rural and village schools, which we have in Lindley.

We need to acknowledge that this is a real issue that could affect all of us. We also need to know that the council is doing everything it can to support our local schools and to ensure that investment continues.

I strongly endorse the campaign by the NUT and ATL and other teachers’ unions to push for additional school funding. Through support and investment, we can ensure that young people continue to get all the opportunities they need and deserve.”


Cllr Cahal Burke and Cllr Richard Eastwood have been supporting the Huddersfield Royal British Legion with this years Poppy Appeal.

Cllr Cahal Burke and Cllr Richard Eastwood have been supporting the Huddersfield Royal British Legion with this years Poppy Appeal.

Cllr Cahal Burke and Cllr Richard Eastwood have been supporting the Huddersfield Royal British Legion with this years Poppy Appeal.

Present conflicts involving our local soldiers continue, and Kirklees has experienced more than most the sad losses of recent conflicts.

This year, The Royal British Legion is asking the nation to Rethink Remembrance by recognising the sacrifices made not just by the Armed Forces of the past, but by today’s generation too.



Cllr Cahal Burke & Cllr Richard Eastwood working with the Police and partner agencies to take tough action on ASB and related crime.

Cllr Cahal Burke & Cllr Richard Eastwood working with the Police and partner agencies to take tough action on ASB and related crime.

Cllr Cahal Burke and Cllr Richard Eastwood want the Police to take a tough line on crime and anti social behaviour in the Lindley area.

They are fighting for more Police on patrol in Lindley and appropriate action to be taken to tackle anti social behaviour, they are also campaigning for CCTV in our area.

-More Police on the streets
-Prosecute serious offenders
-Local Police priorities meetings
-Tackle the underlying causes of crime
-Targeted Youth Support
– Dispersal Orders

In addition to taking tough action against crime they want a long term plan to tackle the underlying issues and are working with Integrated Youth Support and Community Safety so that targeted work can be undertaken to engage with young people and help prevent further anti social behaviour issues.

They are also conducting a community safety survey to get residents views which will feed in to the long term plan where they will consider

• the analysis of problems of ASB;
• the search for solutions;
• the management of local action on ASB;
• the handling of public opinion.

Cllr Cahal Burke and Cllr Richard Eastwood are always working with residents and partner agencies to make improvements in our area and make our community safer. Work will continue along with discussions with the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Residents should continue to report crime following the information below.

In an Emergency always dial 999.

For Non Emergencies ie to report a crime or any incident where you might need a PC or PCSO to attend, dial 101.

Neighbourhood Inspector : Jon Dunkerley

Email : huddersfield@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk

Ward Officer – PC 3478 James Hoyle

To contact your local PC’s or PCSO’s you can use the email address above or telephone 101



Lindley Road Runners

Lindley Road Runners

A new group, Lindley Road Runners, has recently been set up to promote running in the Lindley area.

Lindley Road Runners is affiliated to UK Athletics, the governing body for the sport of athletics in the United Kingdom. Lindley Road Runners, as an official UK Athletics club, is separate but complimentary to Acre Street Runners, a fast-growing, Lindley-based club which was founded by Richard Plunkett and Snehal Patel. Richard is also Secretary of Lindley Road Runners.

Membership of Lindley Road Runners will be available to all existing and new members of Acre Street Runners, and will be aimed at those who wish to take part in UK Athletics registered events, where they will also be able to receive a discount.

By being affiliated to UK Athletics, the club and members will receive a number of benefits, including the ability to contest club competitions, insurance and resources and training programmes to support club development. Membership fees will also subsidise the costs of coach training. In return for the support, the membership fees will be received by UK Athletics.

The annual Lindley 10k race, which takes place in June, is a Lindley Road Runners and Lindley Community Group event. Lindley Road Runners members will also receive a 10% discount on entry to the event.

The new club will aim to build on the popularity of Acre Street Runners, which regularly attracts over 60 participants each session. The inspiration for Acre Street Runners came from Richard Plunkett in November 2013, whilst he was recovering from surgery. The clubs will work closely together to promote running opportunities in Lindley.

Acre Street Runners was formed in January 2014 and participation in the weekly Thursday run has grown through online presence, publicity from flyers and through word of mouth. The club is affiliated to the Association of Running Clubs. Richard Plunkett said:

“The club has grown from just a bunch of people who fancied a run one cold January evening. Although numbers have now grown way beyond expectations, the ethos remains the same; to encourage those who are new to running, or are returning after a long absence.”

The club recently started a ‘zero to 5k hero’ programme, with support from sports development officers at Kirklees Council. It is a 9 week fitness programme which takes place every Saturday between 10am and 11am in Greenhead Park.

Councillor Burke (Lib Dem, Lindley), who has supported the running clubs and promoted sports and physical opportunities in Lindley, also joins Martyn Cooper-Jones as joint Race Directors for the successful annual Lindley 10k and Lindley Fun Run. Cllr Burke said:

“Lindley Road Runners exists to provide an opportunity to runners to join a running club which is affiliated to UK Athletics.

Lindley Road Runners aim to promote running, support individual runners and further complements existing informal running organisations in the Lindley area of Huddersfield.

I’ve been a keen runner for many years, completing marathons and half marathons and helping to raise money for a number of charities, so I’m glad that others have the same passion in running as me. The groups offer an excellent means for people to improve their fitness and meet new people.”

Acre Street Runners meet every Thursday at 7pm outside Acre Street convenience store (near the Bay Horse pub), in Oakes, Huddersfield.

Those interested in joining Lindley Road Runners can download a membership form at: www.lindley10k.org.uk. Hard copies of the forms are also available from Lindley Library.


Councillor Cahal Burke (Lib Dem, Lindley) has expressed concern about the uncertainty regarding the future of school crossing patrols

Councillor Cahal Burke (Lib Dem, Lindley) has expressed concern about the uncertainty regarding the future of school crossing patrols

Councillor Cahal Burke has called for the Labour Cabinet to outline their long-term plans for school crossing patrols in Kirklees.

A decision was made at Kirklees Council’s annual budget meeting in February this year to reduce school crossing patrols, although this was opposed by Kirklees Liberal Democrats.
Recently, however, crossing patrol staff have been notified by the council that there will be no immediate changes to the service for 12 months, and that recruitment would be undertaken to fill patrol staff vacancies.

As the new academic year commences, there are 78 school crossing sites across Kirklees, with 27 of these currently vacant, which includes a school crossing patrol vacancy based in Lindley – the junction of Lidget Street and East Street and West Street.

However, the school crossing patrol service is under review, and there is uncertainty about future funding and recruitment.

Councillor Cahal Burke (Lib Dem, Lindley) has expressed concern about the uncertainty regarding the future of school crossing patrols and has requested that the Cabinet clarify the nature of the cuts.
Cllr Burke questioned the responsible member for an update at a Council meeting last March, but felt that information was not forthcoming.

Cllr Burke, said:
“I want the Cabinet to outline their long-term plans for school crossing patrols as soon as possible. There is uncertainty and we need clarification now. We need to know what plans are in place, so schools, crossing patrol staff and the wider community can work together on possible solutions.
It is also vital that workers who operate the valuable crossing patrols are informed of the situation at the earliest opportunity. I feel they have been treated badly and not been given enough information or support.

If we want to value and encourage walking, we should keep this service in place. The school crossing patrol plays an important part in helping children and parents feel safe when walking to school, so this vital service should be retained.”


Cllr Cahal Burke (Chair - Ad-Hoc Scrutiny Panel)

Cllr Cahal Burke (Chair – Ad-Hoc Scrutiny Panel)

Mental health problems which begin in childhood and adolescence are not only common but can have wide-ranging and long-lasting effects. These can lead to significant distress, poorer educational attainment and employment prospects, social relationships, and longer-term physical and mental health problems.

Accessing services quickly and easily is of central importance to children, young people and families. It is important everyone involved understands the process and feels supported, the scrutiny panel carried out an in depth and valuable review of services provided for children, young people and their families.

The Ad-Hoc Scrutiny Panel which Cllr Cahal Burke Chaired was established to undertake a review into the provision of CAHMS in the Kirklees area in response to growing concerns regarding the operation of the organisation and its efficiency in providing a satisfactory level of service provision. The service had been subject to negative publicity in the press, and it had been acknowledged by South West Yorkshire Foundation Trust, who were commissioned by Greater Huddersfield, Calderdale and North Kirklees Clinical Commissioning Group to run the service, that they did not have adequate resources to cope with the level of demand.

The Terms of Reference of the Ad-Hoc Panel were;
– To scrutinise the performance of the Child and Adolescent mental Health Services in Kirklees, with a particular focus upon;
(i) Developing an understanding of the services provided by CAMHS and its current performance in line with national requirements
(ii) Scrutinising the CAMHS transformation plan and the supporting action plan
(iii) Seeking the views of service users and considering benchmarking information nationally on the provision of CAMHS services.

Recommendation (1) – That the process for referrals into the system should become more accessible and transparent, and that the processes should be widely publicised, particularly amongst key stakeholders.

Rationale – The Panel felt that too many key stakeholders lacked a feeling of inclusion in the process of referrals, which prevented a holistic approach towards supporting a child/young persons who may have additional needs. The Panel considered that the involvement of partners (eg, GPs, schools) was essential to ensure high quality service provision and that the delivery of training courses on the function and operation of CAMHS, including how to make a referral, may be an effective way of embedding engagement of partners. The Panel felt that clarity of working relationships was fundamental to the provision of sound advice and support.

The Panel also considered that communication methods between CAMHS and the service users needed to be strengthened to enable a two way communication process from the point of initial referral, and then throughout the waiting time and the provision of treatment. Service users would benefit from having clear access points into the service at different stages, eg, to seek clarification on waiting times, links to support staff etc. At all stages of the process there should be ongoing communication with the referee/parent/carer/school/service user regarding the next steps and expected timeframes, which would assist in ensuring that the information held by CAMHS was relevant and up to date. The circulation of a regular generic email to those on the waiting list, providing relevant information, may also be useful in acknowledging ongoing engagement with the process.

Recommendation (2) – That improved clarification be provided on the pathways both into and within the CAMHS system in order to provide transparency, access and understanding of the operation of service provision.
Rationale – The Panel considered that the mechanisms for referrals into CAMHS needed to be more clearly defined as there continued to be confusion and misunderstanding amongst service users and potential service users.
The Panel considered that a visual diagram should be published and readily available which set out potential links into the service, and approximations of waiting times at each stage. This should be distributed to schools, GPs and other key stakeholders, and also be available and easily accessible online.


Cllr Cahal Burke and Lindley Community Group

Cllr Cahal Burke and Lindley Community Group

We enjoyed a wonderful day at the 2016 Lindley Carnival, we hope everyone who attended had a great day.

I would like to thank all the stall holders, our sponsors and the choirs from Lindley Junior School and Lindley Infant School who entertained the crowds.

We were delighted that Alison North Musical Director at Lindley Junior School did us the honour of opening this years carnival.

Thank you to all the volunteers from Lindley Community Group without whom there would be no carnival.

Lindley Community Group have now started planning for the 10th Lindley Carnival which will take place on Saturday 24th June 2017 and the 5th Lindley 10k & Fun Run which will take place on Sunday 25th June 2017.

Our volunteers work extremely hard and give up a lot of time to ensure these events are successful. We are delighted with all the support and positive feedback we have received following this years events.

If you would like to volunteer, sponsor or take part please visit Lindley Community Group or e-mail info@lindleygroup.org.uk

Thank you once again to all our volunteers, sponsors and supporters – and to everyone who attended and took part!